You've got a great design and now you're ready to print. What do you need to know to get started with Pixel Print Los Angeles?

Do you do all your own printing?
Yes. We do all our own work in-house. We have two state-of-the-art automatic screen printing presses that print up to 10 colors per side right at our 5000 sq foot facility.

Do you deliver?
Yes we do. Your order is also available for pickup to the greater Los Angeles, CA area.

What's the policy if you mess up my order?
Accidents happen, but we stand behind our work 100% of the time. We'll work until you're fully satisfied.

To ensure a smooth production, we'll confirm your final art work and prepare your print for production.

What if I want to reorder shirts? Do you charge a set-up fee?
We never charge for set-up or screen fees

Who owns the Artwork? Film Positives? Screens?
If you have paid for the artwork and film positives, you own them. The screens remain the property of the printer, but will not be used for anyone else. We also archive all your artwork files in our computer system.

What is your turnaround?
A good turnaround is 2-10 days. Sometimes we can go faster, depending on our work load. Most printers will charge a Rush Charge if you want your order in less than 5 days. We'll try not to, however, sometimes it will be necessary.<

Can I count on that?
We will do our utmost to exceed your deadline. We are 99.9% on time! If we're running behind schedule, maybe because the shirts arrived late, we'll let you know immediately and make every accommodation we can to make sure we deliver on time.

Do you have a list of references? Absolutely. We list our clients on our website for everyone to see.

How are your prices compared with other printers?
We're very competitive and have worked with major retailers and licensors. We also encourage you not to make decisions based on low price. Some printers charge a little more because they are worth it. You'll also notice that our prices are available on the website (unlike others who keep their price lists under cover so they can change them at will). Check out our price list.

What about your labor practices?
Pixel Print is proud to use ethical businesses practices, maintain city and state licenses and is a registered Garment Printer in Los Angeles.

Why should I hire Pixel Print?
Because at Pixel Print, we guarantee customer satisfaction. We are also local, which means that you can stop by and see us in operation.